Computer Aided Verification Laboratory | 電腦輔助驗證實驗室

Research topics

  • Formal methods, including model checking, theorem proving and etc.
  • Functional verification and automatic safety/security analysis of safety/security - critical systems.
  • SoC verification.
  • Hardware-based verification platform development.
  • AI-aided verification.

Research Projects

Current Projects

  • Project Name- Anomaly detection and formal security verification of distributed system for edge computing
    Duration-2018/8 ~ 2019/7
    Sponsor- Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Project Name- CPU verification
    Duration-2018 ~ 2020
  • Previous Projects

  • Project Name- 針對安全攸關之物聯網系統建立高擴展性的正規驗證與故障及因果分析工具集
    Duration-2017/3 ~ 2018/2
    Sponsor- Ministry of Science and Technology